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"What if protein bars didn't have that weird protein bar taste?"

That was the question my childhood friend Tayyab and I (Janaid) asked each other and where the journey of Suplex Nutrition first began.

During university, as we juggled our education, work and our passion for fitness, we began to notice that the protein bar market was missing something. Every protein bar we encountered was either processed, had a strange chalky aftertaste or felt like munching on cardboard - often all three at once! Hitting our daily protein and calorie goals started to become a struggle. A struggle that needed a solution.

That realisation quickly turned into an vision: to craft the ultimate protein bar. Unprocessed. High protein. Plant-based. And most importantly - absolutely delicious. 18 months, countless recipe experiments and endless taste tests later, we finally did it. The launch of our Suplex Heavyweight® Mass Gainer flapjacks.

With 500+ calories and a whopping 30g of plant-based protein in every bar, our Heavyweight Flapjacks are oven-baked in Yorkshire to ensure that our bars aren't just packed with goodness - you can taste it in every bite too.


We believed in our taste so much that when we introduced our bars at the Arnold Sports Festival in 2021 & 2022, we proudly stood as the only protein bar company handing out tasters with over 9,000 samples in just 3 days! 

Our sell-out success at the Arnold Sports Festival and overwhelmingly positive online feedback has only solidified our vision -  to revolutionize sports nutrition and show that protein bars can be a premium and delicious snack.

 Janaid, Co-founder

Suplex Nutrition



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