About Us

We launched Suplex Nutrition because we know how hard it is to hit your nutrition goals on a high calorie diet. Knowing what to eat and how much to eat is overwhelming.

That's why at Suplex®, we've created Heavyweight® high calorie protein flapjacks. Whether you're looking to gain weight, or fuelling up for a cycle or run, our flapjacks make hitting your nutrition goals as easy as possible.

500+ calories, 30g of protein, all in a delicious pocket sized, soft-baked bar. To top it off, they're also 100% plant-based & vegan, with zero artificial sweeters! No more ultra-processed protein bars & "mass gainer" powders full of junk.

Meet us at the upcoming BodyPower expo at the NEC in Birmingham, 14-16th May 2021, or contact us @SuplexSocial to find out more!

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